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  • 15-20 mmHg for better comfort

  • Stimulates blood flow

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SocksKiss® Performance

The Sockskiss Compression Sock improves blood circulation in the legs, reduces muscle vibrations and promotes rapid recovery after exercise. The light, thermo-active fabric feels good on the skin. All this makes it an ideal companion over long distances, for example when running or cycling.

SocksKiss® to stay in shape

The high-quality SocksKiss compression socks stimulate circulation in a pleasant way. They relieve the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs and play a role in the prevention of circulatory disorders. They ensure that the legs remain fit for longer periods of time when sitting or standing and when travelling. The range is available for both women and men.

Be strong

Designed for people who have to work standing all day long, our SocksKiss compression socks act effectively against heavy leg problems and reduce fatigue.

Long working days will no longer frighten you...